Why are we Democrats?

At our recent leadership retreat we decided to self reflect on why we choose to call ourselves Democrats. We all come from different states, socio-economic backgrounds, and family dynamics and we thought it would be interesting to see what kinds of factors have shaped and continue to shape our political attitudes. We also discussed what exactly led us to join the WFU Dems and what the group has done for us, whether it be the development of leadership skills, friendships, or internship opportunities. We asked each member of our leadership board to answer two questions:
1.) Tell your story: why are you a Democrat and what led you to College Dems at Wake?
2.) What has College Dems done for you?
We thought sharing our stories would help us become more united as a group and solidify our political beliefs. Hopefully you will be encouraged to do some self reflection of your own! Also, this page is currently under construction as we continue to receive answers, so please bear with us! Here is what our leadership board has to say:


Juliet Beckstrand, Sophomore – Political Messaging Director 

1.) I am a Democrat because I believe in equality for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or beliefs. I care about social justice, and I believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity in life, and that government should support that. I believe in the rights of women, the importance of education, the separation of church and state, and helping those in need. The Democratic Party is far from perfect, but I came to the conclusion that my basic values and morals align with the positions of the party, and that is why I am a Democrat. I became a part of the Wake Forest College Democrats because I believe that political groups are some of the most important organizations on campus. Strong political activism is not something that is always celebrated on college campuses, but it is important for students to be aware that they have a significant political influence on our society, and the Wake Forest college Democrats encourages the promotion of the important values of the Democratic Party.
2. ) My experience with the College Democrats has helped me to acquire leadership positions and internships, and has given me the opportunity to expand my social circle on campus. One of the most memorable moments in my college experience was witnessing the re-election of President Barack Obama in the Barn with the College Democrats, and rolling the Quad after his victory. The WFU Democrats are a group of people I identify strongly with, and who I believe have the best interests in mind for our country.

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