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The Wake Forest University College Democrats are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to the advancement of progressive values on campus and in the community. After spending time volunteering for Organizing For America (OFA), Kay Hagan for Senate, and various other local candidates, we have evolved into a group committed to turning our ideals into concrete, boots-on-the-ground action.

The WFU Dems also make it a high priority to spread progressive thought throughout campus. We want to begin to see more students start to care about their elected officials and take on a more active role in politics. This site will serve as a platform for students to share questions, opinions, breaking news, or even funny videos of Donald Trump (just kidding.) No matter what side of the politic spectrum one may reside, the WFU Dems are always willing to engage in open, sophisticated dialogue. We remain steadfast in our commitment to Democratic ideals, but see tremendous opportunity to engage with others. After all, this is how a democracy works. And at the end of the day, we honor the motto of our dear Alma Mater, Pro Humanitate.





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